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Could It

Do you think you might have ADHD? Does your child, sibling, or parent have it? Maybe some of the information here has you wondering, “Could it be…?” Maybe it’s time to find out.

Coping Strategies

Managing ADHD day to day

Every day is different with ADHD, and some days may be better than others, but you can always be prepared. Prioritizing these tips can help you manage your symptoms when things don’t go according to plan.

Every day, remember to:

  • Take your medication, exactly as prescribed (set timers as reminders if need be), even during holidays or summer break
  • Adopt healthy sleep habits—learn some tips for better sleep here
  • Stay active and eat well—your mood will thank you!
  • Go easy on yourself and stay positive

Situations or events that create change in our lives can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. These periods of increased stress can make mental health conditions worse, including ADHD and the comorbid conditions often associated with it.

It is essential during these times to take care of yourself and seek additional support by staying connected to family and friends, as well as talking to your doctor.