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Could It

Do you think you might have ADHD? Does your child, sibling, or parent have it? Maybe some of the information here has you wondering, “Could it be…?” Maybe it’s time to find out.

Moving Forward with ADHD

A step in the right direction

Putting the right treatment plan and strategies in place to manage your ADHD symptoms can start you down the path towards a happy and successful life.

To help you along the way, explore some daily coping strategies and then shift your focus to living well.

Coping Strategies

Your ADHD symptoms can vary on a day-to-day basis. Having the right coping strategies to help deal with them can make a world of difference.

Get strategic about coping

The Importance of Living Well

Your overall health and lifestyle can have a big impact on your ADHD. Making adjustments in some of these key areas, such as your sleep, can help.

Make self-care a priority

Trouble Sleeping with ADHD?

Sleep-related problems in ADHD, such as finding it harder to fall asleep, are common. Some medicines used to treat ADHD symptoms may contribute to the issue.

Why you shouldn’t take it lying down