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In adults, ADHD remains largely undiagnosed. If you're here, chances are you or a loved one is showing symptoms. Click below to complete the screening.

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Who can have ADHD?

Anyone can have ADHD, regardless of age, gender or race. The symptoms start in childhood, but depending on a number of factors may go unnoticed, and therefore undiagnosed, until adulthood.

One million canadians are affected by ADHD

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00:03 If you’ve felt paralyzed by never ending tasks.
00:11 If you’ve felt your focus clouded by a fog that never quite lifts.
00:21 If you’ve felt like completing things is an exercise in futility.
00:32 If you’ve felt like your concentration is shrouded in a heavy haze.
00:38 You may not be the only one. Visit coulditbeadhd.ca to learn more about adult ADHD.

“ADHD is not an excuse; it’s an explanation.”